The team

Dr. Hannah S. Mumby - Principal Investigator


Having conducted research on long-lived mammals for almost ten years and focused my efforts on elephants for over six, I'm very fortunate to be leading the project.


Please read more about me in other sections of the website, including the CV, research and publications pages. I'll be making updates about the project in the blog section.

Derek Murphy - Postdoctoral Research Associate


Derek joined the team in May 2017 as a postdoctoral research assistant. With a background in studying the social lives of another group of highly-social mammals - primates - Derek is applying the skills he has developed in using social network analysis to study the social relationships among the male elephants.

Ronnie Makukule - Field Assistant


Ronnie grew up in the bush veld area of South Africa. He came to the project from an education and community outreach background. Ronnie collected data on all aspects of the project including identifying elephants and collecting DNA samples. Ronnie has been matching elephant photos to IDs on the database since he was a boy. 

Jessica Wilmot - Field Assistant


Jessica joined the project with extensive conservation and wildlife monitoring fieldwork, including stints in Botswana and Namibia. Jessica collected data on all aspects of the project, including recordings and DNA samples. Jessica is South African with a degree in  Conservation Ecology from the University of Stellenbosch. She's also bi-lingual in English and Afrikaans. 


Teresa Santos - Master's student and now PhD student


Tess completed her Master's degree on Evolutionary and Developmental Biology at the University of Lisbon. She wrote a thesis on the male elephant molecular ecology, co-supervised by Dr Mumby. She has previously participated in molecular ecology projects at the Universities of Sheffield and Aveiro. Tess received an Erasmus scholarship to conduct her Master's lab work with Hannah in the UK. She's now doing her PhD Co-supervised by Hannah at the University of Lisbon.



  • Dr Michelle Henley - Elephants Alive

  • Prof Andrew Balmford - University of Cambridge

  • Prof George Wittemyer - Colorado State University

  • Dr Deborah Dawson - University of Sheffield

  • Mélody Busuttil - Université de Neuchâtel


Amy Morris-Drake - Former Research Assistant on communication, now PhD student at the University of Bristol.

Caitlin Black - Former Post-doc employed to measure tusk size, body size and age from photographs, now Post-doc at the University of Zürich.

Christin Winter - Former Field Assistant. Now working in Namibia.


T:  +852 2299 0653  


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