World Elephant Day event

To celebrate World Elephant Day, I teamed up with Elephants Alive and the Black Mamba Anti-poaching unit to participate in a series of educational puppet shows on elephant and rhino conservation at Maseke Primary school.

We did the show for around 700 children and we really show the positive messages about conservation and reducing poaching went down as well as the puppets!

Children watching the performance.

The team members who made it possible.

My characters, Ronnie and Sandy learn from the wildlife about poaching and decide to return to their village to spread the word to other humans.

My new field assistant Ronnie, was amazing, taking on two elephant roles and inspiring the children.

Two of the Black Mambas with their puppets. They were fantastic, dealing with the script that switched back and forth between Shangaan and English to keep the children engaged.

View from the stage.

Thanks to Christin Winter for the photos!

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