Working with South Island School

I have a long and happy relationship with Hong Kong. It's a city I love, but it makes me sad to know it's the city with most ivory on sale in the world and an important port for laundering illegal ivory.

Things are changing and Hong Kong has set a deadline for banning the import and export of ivory.

However, it's still really important to make sure young people in Hong Kong know where ivory comes from and to give them information about and ownership of news on elephant conservation. This is why I cooperate with South Island School through the Bull Squad and the Cold Cards project.

The Bull Squad have been incredible, spreading the conservation message online and also fundraising. They did a gruelling hike, made and sold stickers and even did a pin the tail on the elephant event. They've already raised enough money for us to buy a brand new GPS for Elephants Alive. Great news because the old one kept freezing!

The Cold cards group have been busy learning about wildlife and plants in the African bush and using their knowledge to create an art project based on the plants they learned about, and elephants too! They've put the prints they made onto wrapping paper, cards and calendars and are now selling them. Fifty percent of what they raise goes to a local charity and 50% to Elephants Alive. We're going to use those funds to do a two-day workshop with children from near our study site in Limpopo to go into the bush, learn about the animals and plants there and go on game drives to see the animals. They're going to take pictures to send back to the students in Hong Kong.

I'm so excited about all of this and really proud of the students in Hong Kong. Thanks too to the teachers Alice Mumby (yes, she's my sister) and Fiona Henderson.

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