New post-doctoral Research Assistants

This week I've been very excited to welcome two new post-doctoral Research Assistants, Caitlin and Derek.

Here they are, in their own words and pictures.

Caitlin is working to develop a system to classify male tusks using photographs taken over the past 20 years in South Africa. She will also be creating a protocol for collecting photographs of male tusks in the field to estimate body size and condition in a non-invasive manner. Caitlin’s previous work at the University of Oxford examined breeding success and timing in penguins, using remote time-lapse cameras to study their behaviour year-round. She helped to establish the citizen-science website Penguin Watch to engage volunteers in image annotation and data collection of the penguin photographs.

Derek joined the team in May 2017 as a postdoctoral research assistant. With a background in studying the social lives of another group of highly-social mammals - primates - Derek is applying the skills he has developed in using social network analysis to study the social relationships among the male elephants.


I'm excited to have these two new members and to make progress on their projects!

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