PhD studentship available for 2019

PhD Studentship Available

I have a position available for a student wishing to pursue a PhD in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Hong Kong on the ecology of elephants.

Elephants are large-bodied, long-lived and socially complex mammals. One of my research areas is to understand how elephants make sense, particularly in relation to humans, be it through comparative studies of life history or ecology, or incorporating humans into studies to understand how elephants respond to their environment.

I have access to populations of captive elephants in Asia, and some opportunities for working with wild African elephants.

Projects on the following topics will be considered:

  • Life histories

  • Behavioural ecology and experimental approaches to behaviour

  • Novel approaches to analysing human-wildlife interactions

  • Applications linked to living in captivity and/or conservation of wild elephants

Essential requirements:

  • An excellent academic track record, including undergraduate degree of at least a high upper second-class undergraduate degree, or GPA of 3.5 or over

  • A passion for the general field and your specific topic

  • The desire and drive to become an independent researcher

Desirable requirements:

  • Field and/or lab experience clearly linked to the topic of your proposal

  • Publishing experience

  • Master’s degree with a high grade

The position is available to start in September 2019 or as soon as possible thereafter. If you are interested in these topics, please contact me with a draft research plan and CV. If selected I can develop a research proposal with you and guide you through the application process to become a graduate student. Contact me on

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