We study how information about sociality, communication, life history and human-animal relationships can help us address real life issues, like living with endangered species. We're based at the University of Hong Kong.

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The group has a range of projects:

1. Human-elephant interactions and behavioural ecology of Asian elephants in Nepal based at the incredible Tiger Tops Lodges. We have collaborated with Elephants Alive for the Bull Elephant Network Project and have a long-standing association with the Myanmar Timber Elephant Project.

2. We also work on interactions between humans and wild boar in Hong Kong, in the Hong Kong wild boar Project.


If you're interested in doing a PhD, Research Assistantship or Post-doc with us, please check out the opportunities page.

The is currently funded by a Society in Science - Branco Weiss Fellowship and the University of Hong Kong. We've also had funding from Drapers' Company Fellowship at Pembroke College, a Fulbright Scholar Award, a fellowship at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, as well as grants from the NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility in Sheffield, DST-NRF Fellowship and the Cambridge-Africa Alborada Research Fund,