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Potential topics include human-wildlife interactions in Asia, human perspectives on conservation, behaviour change in conservation and modelling elephant behaviour. Relevant research areas can include geography, conservation, ecology, animal behaviour, and statistics. I'm happy to support you in designing the right project for you or to contribute ideas or direction. If I have positions linked to a specific funded project, I will add them here.



The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship offers generous support for overseas and local students. There is a stipend as well as research support and a first year tuition fee waiver. The deadline is 2nd December 2020, but contact me in advance to discuss projects and to support your application.

At the University of Hong Kong, there are numerous other scholarship opportunities. This includes HKU Presidential PhD fellowship, University Post-graduate Fellowship and more. All of these include stipends to support your living expenses.

Tuition fee waivers for research postgraduate degrees are available to all Hong Kong permanent residents.

Get in touch

The best way forward is to contact me well ahead of the the deadlines (usually very early December), September is ideal. This also gives us time to consider pathways to funding fieldwork if that is required.

I am also open to co-supervising students outside of Hong Kong as part of a supervisory team.


Potential topics include human-wildlife interactions in Asia, including wildlife trade, human perspectives on conservation, including ethnographic approaches for qualified candidates, designing behaviour change in conservation and modelling wildlife elephant behaviour. Our team is broad and we're open to new members and their experiences from a range of disciplinary backgrounds. We offer a diverse international team that develops projects within the lab and is inclusive, with opportunities to lead, to teach and to mentor others.


The HKU Presidential Fellowship offers generous salary and research support for up to three years. The RGC Postdoctoral Fellowship also offers salary support for up to three years. The University of Hong Kong also offers some co-funding for new post-docs. For each of these, contact me to discuss a project and we can take the time to make a strong application!

Also, remember you may be able to apply for funding from your home country or an organisation close to you. For example, EU residents can apply for Global Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowships. The Human Frontier in Science Program may also be an option. Get in touch, and we can discuss programmes that best fit your background and needs!


I am particularly interested in creating opportunities for students with local language skills from the areas we do fieldwork in, including Nepal, southeast Asia, Hong Kong and southern Africa. If you always wanted to participate in research, we may be able to support you.

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