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📣 Post-doc position 📣

Working in the Applied Behavioural Ecology and Conservation Lab on choices Asian elephants make.


Applicants should possess a Ph.D. degree in animal behaviour, behavioural ecology or equivalent. They should have a strong background including working with animals (experience with large mammals in captivity preferred), conducting fieldwork in remote locations, and analysing behavioural data using appropriate software. Experience in experimental design, analysis in R, Asian elephant behaviour and fieldwork in South or Southeast Asia would be an advantage.

About the position:

The appointee will study the responses of captive Asian elephants to food and the food choices they make. They will address the objective of manipulating the taste or scent of food in a safe and measurable way to determine how this impacts the behaviour and choices of elephants. This will complement the ongoing fieldwork and projects of Ph.D. students.

The appointee will also be responsible for collecting data in the field, recording experiments, compiling their data, analysing data, writing up papers and presenting work at local and international seminars and other fora. He/She may have the opportunities to design new studies and collect or analyse further field data, following the publication of analyses on the project. There are also opportunities to collaborate on group projects, participate in professional training and contribute to teaching and funding applications in the group. The position will primarily be based in Hong Kong with periods of fieldwork at the Nepal field site. Enquiries about the post may be sent to Dr. Hannah Mumby at

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