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PhD studentships: We have funding for fieldwork with elephants!

PhD Studentships: Competitive application for studentships with funding for fieldwork with Asian elephants or in urban Hong Kong wildlife already in place

I have positions available for students wishing to pursue a PhD in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Hong Kong on 1) behavioural ecology of Asian elephants (field site in Nepal is established and funding for fieldwork in place) or 2) human-wildlife interactions in Hong Kong. See for details on the group.

Project 1 Asian elephants, co-design of projects on the following topics will be considered:

· Behavioural ecology and experimental approaches to behaviour

· Novel approaches to studying human-wildlife interactions

· Applications linked to living in captivity and/or conservation of wild elephants

Project 2 urban wildlife, co-design of projects on the following topics will be considered:

· Human dimensions of urban wildlife

· Integration of human and animal behaviour into understanding human-wildlife interactions Novel approaches to studying human-wildlife interactions

· Applications linked to feeding, releasing, observing or other interactions with wildlife

Essential requirements:

· An excellent academic track record, including undergraduate degree of a first-class honours degree, or GPA of 3.6 or over. If you are unsure about your eligibility, just email me at with an explanation of your grades and rank and a copy of your transcript

· A passion for the general field and your specific topic

· The desire and drive to become an independent researcher

· For Project 1, desire to conduct fieldwork independently in Nepal

· For Project 2, willingness to conduct fieldwork in Hong Kong is essential.

· For both projects, courses at HKU will be requires, as well as teaching assistant hours, therefore it is not possible to complete the PhD remotely

Desirable requirements:

· Field and/or lab experience clearly linked to the topic of your proposal

· Publishing experience

· Master’s degree with a high grade

· For Project 2, Cantonese language skills are highly desirable

The positions are available to start in September 2023 or as soon as possible thereafter. If you are interested in these topics, please contact me at with a short introductory statement, written ideas for your research plan (which can be further developed later) and CV. I will read and respond to applications as they come in, so get in touch as soon as possible. In the first instance, will consider applications through to 30th September 2022 and later applications may not be supported if I have already selected applicants to support. If selected I can develop a research proposal with you and guide you through the application process for studentships.

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